Kempinski, Intercontinental, Ramada Implicated in Sex Worker Scandal

A BBC report has uncovered shocking evidence that despite prostitution being illegal, hookers are “hiding in plain sight”.

Ok, so it’s not really that shocking, but the naming of The Kempinski hotel in the investigation is sure to pique more interest in what exactly goes on at the 500rmb per person Christmas Brunch that is held there every year.  While little effort was made to hide the operation, situated in the basement of the hotel, the pimp journalist John Sudworth talked to said that he was unable to offer an official receipt for the sex services that women (presumably) in his employ were offering.  On hotel even suggested that it would be possible to settle the bill for the hired women at the reception desk.  Why exactly you’d want a receipt proving that you hired a hooker for the night is beyond us.

A BBC colleague, posing as a personal assistant, told the spa receptionists that she was setting up a business meeting for potential clients who expected sex to be available in the chosen venue.

In around 7% of those she spoke to, in cities as far afield as Nanjing and Qingdao on China’s east coast and the inland cities of Xian and Zhengzhou, we discovered that prostitution is very easy to arrange.

Other high end hotels are implicated, with a photo from the Ramada, which claims to be a “family oriented hotel” in Zhengzhou showing that sex workers are available for hire at the very reasonable rate (so we’re told…) of 800rmb.  Unsurprisingly, both hotels have strenuously denied the allegations.

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